I’m really getting into Comicon. It is so much fun and the camaraderie is lovely. Where else can you dress up as one of your favorite superheroes and not be judged?

Anyhoo, I just started working with craft foam and it is so much fun. I want to get better at it. I’ve seen some YouTube videos and some people can make serious looking armor out of it. It’s pretty impressive.


Author: Joanna Wolford

Super Awesome and super clumsy. I am passionate and have big dreams. I'm still trying to tell the voice inside my head that says, "You can't do it," to shut up. I'm a little neurotic, and emotionally unstable. I have a hard outer shell but a super chewy center. I suppose life has made me that way. We reside in a cruel world but somehow I can still find beauty in it. Let's do it together!

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