To Swim with Sharks

I had the greatest opportunity to swim with sharks during shark week, and it was one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life. If you come to Hawaii, I highly recommend One Ocean Diving. They are highly trained and educated about the behaviors, characteristics, and importance of these misunderstood creatures.

I will admit I didn’t know much about sharks. Whenever I hear about them it’s not always a pleasant story, but what I’ve come to learn about them through One Ocean has given me a newfound respect for them.

Here are a just a few things I learned about them through One Ocean Diving:

They are essential to protecting the reefs by keeping the natural order of the food chain.

Young sharks haven’t quite figured out what they’re supposed to eat and what they’re supposed to leave alone.

They see very well, and they pick up on vibrations in the water. They can even pick up on electric fields like our heartbeats.

The War Inside My Head

It would seem that I am constantly having to fight off my inner demons. Here lately, I have found myself drowning in ┬ádoubt and wallowing in self-pity. As my own confidence begins to deteriorate, so grows the ever destructive voice that reminds me why I could never amount to anything. How is it that these negative thoughts can hold so much power over me? While I struggle to pull myself from this darkness, the small but brilliant flame burning inside of me is fighting to stay bright. It is a constant battle to turn off the tirade of negativity, and as I fight this war inside my head, sometimes I can’t help but feel like I am losing.