Old Children’s Ghost Story Book

I’ve had a bit of nostalgia lately recalling some of the old books I’ve read as a child and have been trying to remember the name of a children’s ghost story book from late 80’s to early 90’s. 

It was most likely a scholastic book. It featured a collection of short stories and each one told told by a child’s mom, dad, and his grandma.  

One of the stories the mom tells is about a peculiar boy she supposed to teach. I rember him being almost wolf-like. There’s some sort of altercation, and he ends up crashing through a window. 

Another story I can remember is told by the grandmother. She tells a story about grocery shopping on a rainy day. There’s a little girl without shoes and a yellow raincoat who keeps bothering her. When she leaves the store she sees the little girl in the middle of the street playing in a puddle. Grandma scolds her for being out in the middle of the street. A grocery store employee comes up to her and asks  if she knew the little girl (unsure of exact details here). When the grandmother looks down the girl is gone and in her place is a child’s raincoat lying in a puddle water. The storekeeper says that a little girl wearing that jacket had been in an accident only hours ago. 

I wish I could find that book now. Hopefully someone out there has read it too and I can solve this little book mystery. 

Author: Joanna Wolford

Super Awesome and super clumsy. I am passionate and have big dreams. I'm still trying to tell the voice inside my head that says, "You can't do it," to shut up. I'm a little neurotic, and emotionally unstable. I have a hard outer shell but a super chewy center. I suppose life has made me that way. We reside in a cruel world but somehow I can still find beauty in it. Let's do it together!

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