Earth Chronicles Episode 2: 9.6.3188 16:34

Space log journal entry: Maria Aisley 1st grade teacher

“It was my first day teaching the children on board ES1.0. They decided to wait nearly 24 months before commencing school. I think they wanted to make sure that ES1.0 would not have the same issues that ES1 did. I will admit, I was nervous accepting this position, but the compensation is more than a teacher could ever dream of, especially for someone fresh out of school. For the most part, the children seem to be in good spirits. They have become adjusted to living on this massive colony ship. The engineers have done an amazing job to ensure everyone would be as comfortable as possible. They even created an outdoor simulation arena, so the children would feel as though they were playing under the warmth of the sun. I had felt a summer breeze graze my cheek, and it seemed so real I almost forgot I was on board a spacecraft. After recess we talked about our expedition. The children were excited about Earth 2.0 and the possibilities of other life forms being there. A meek little girl named, Maya, said she hoped they would be friendly. I hope the same. I am sad that they haven’t realized we will never see Earth 2.0 in our lifetime, and several generations will pass before this new earth will ever be reached. They’re too young to understand that their main purpose being on board this ship is to carry the mission forward.”

End journal entry: 16:02:34

Author: Joanna Wolford

Super Awesome and super clumsy. I am passionate and have big dreams. I'm still trying to tell the voice inside my head that says, "You can't do it," to shut up. I'm a little neurotic, and emotionally unstable. I have a hard outer shell but a super chewy center. I suppose life has made me that way. We reside in a cruel world but somehow I can still find beauty in it. Let's do it together!

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