52 week challenge

For the past 5 weeks I started doing this 52 week money savings challenge that my husband saw on Facebook. It’s the one where you put in the amount of dollars that correspond with the current week you’re on. For instance week 1=$1.00, week 2=$2.00 and this process continues for up to 52 weeks. So far this is a fun and less intimidating way to save money, I suppose when I get to week 40 it’ll get trickier, but when it’s broken down into weeks it doesn’t seem like your putting in much at all.

Author: Joanna Wolford

Super Awesome and super clumsy. I am passionate and have big dreams. I'm still trying to tell the voice inside my head that says, "You can't do it," to shut up. I'm a little neurotic, and emotionally unstable. I have a hard outer shell but a super chewy center. I suppose life has made me that way. We reside in a cruel world but somehow I can still find beauty in it. Let's do it together!

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