Making Changes

For nearly a decade I have been a nurse and while I enjoy helping people, it was a career choice out of necessity and not of passion. I know I’m not alone in saying that I don’t enjoy my job and every day is just a repeat of the day before. We only get this one life so why do we have to spend more time at work than we do with our families? Don’t get me wrong, I get why, we need money to support a stable home environment, but if we’re going to spend most of our lives working, why can’t we do what we love? The answer is, we can and if we really want to, we will make it happen, no matter how treacherous the path may be. So I going to take the road less traveled and I have to stop being so afraid of the “what ifs”. My love for writing calls to me and it is telling me to go full force into the direction of my dreams, it is the small but brilliant light against the darkness of my mind. But first, I have to stomp out that negative voice in the back of my head which by the way, is a 6 foot tall,250lb wrestler that tries to squash any hopeful dream I have ever had. She tells me I will never amount to anything good or that I don’t deserve to do what I love. She tells me that with two kids and a husband and working full time, I will never succeed. I feel like a pipsqueak mouse against her walls of negativity. But perhaps writing this blog will be one small but important kick in the shin of my antagonist. I’ve heard that positive thoughts create positive outcomes, in that case bring on the positive! If you’re reading this( and I thank you) I plan to share the steps I take to get there and will let you know the triumphs and set backs I encounter along the way. So first thing’s first:

1.Define clearly what I want to do with my life: I want to be a writer, more specifically I want to write novels and scripts, even more specifically; I want to be a scriptwriter for movies. (The more specific the goals, the better the outcome, right?)

2. What steps do I need to take? Do my research in this field. I noticed that most employers want you to have some sort of writing degree (makes sense). I’m almost done with my Gen Ed courses for a BA but I am going to switch to an online degree program. I’m finding that college schedules don’t always cater to the non traditional student, so I’m going to have to make education work with my schedule by doing it online. Whatever it takes right? Also writers read a lot and write a lot. I love both! And Stephen King gave me permission to read as much as I wanted in his “Memoirs on Writing”, which by the way is the first book I have ever read by him, and if that was going to be his only book I will ever plan read(I am going to read all of his books), I will forever be a fan. He is inspirational and truthful.

Okay so baby steps into the direction of my dreams, I’m up for advice, and constructive criticism, inspirational quotes, words of wisdom, and funny anecdotes. Bye for now.

Author: Joanna Wolford

Super Awesome and super clumsy. I am passionate and have big dreams. I'm still trying to tell the voice inside my head that says, "You can't do it," to shut up. I'm a little neurotic, and emotionally unstable. I have a hard outer shell but a super chewy center. I suppose life has made me that way. We reside in a cruel world but somehow I can still find beauty in it. Let's do it together!

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